About me



Many chefs would start their story like this: “Mom (or sometimes: Grandma) cooks like angel (who knows how to cook); I grew up running around the kitchen, watching and learning as she shaped me into everything I am now.”  Well...let's just say my mom doesn't exactly know her way in the kitchen, but she definitely helped shape me into everything I am.

At the age of nine, mom gave me a recipe that she clipped from a newspaper - it was for a nutella banana "sushi" roll, and it was the first recipe I ever cooked! And, perhaps sensing I had the appetite for it (for recipes not just delicious-sounding desert sushi rolls), my mom quickly upped the ante: buying me cookbooks and putting me in charge of feeding myself while she was at work. 

This all became an exciting routine for me: while some played dress up in adults clothing, I liked to play "the mom in the kitchen" and whip something up; it wasn't until much later did I realize that cooking would be my niche.  This love affair with cooking has since been (some might say scandalously) intertwined with my love for the movies - a combo that led me to a film degree from the National Taiwan University of Art, and a culinary degree in Southern California.

Nowadays, I'm a Los Angeles based food stylist for film and tv shows that you may have watched, and private chef to the people who produce and direct the film and tv shows that you almost certainly have watched. Before that, I was a travel show producer for Discovery Channel Asia, a pastry chef, an apprentice to head chefs all over the world...lots of food-related things basically, with some film and tv mixed in there for good measure. 

I've traveled extensively for the sole purpose of absorbing as many of the world's food cultures as possible, and can create a dishes that range from extravagant to comforting; Western to Southeast Asian. Martian is on the cards when the first flights become available. To me, cooking is an endless adventure; I feel lucky that I'm able to wake up everyday and do what I love the most.